TLC - Presents Glambition Kaftan Couture Dubai Arabic and African Style Kaftans

The Little Connection is the only authorized dealer of Glambition Kaftan Couture Dubai Style Kaftans. Each Kaftan is made in our factory and beads are applied by hand. Each dress takes about 2 weeks to make and then another 1 week to ship from our factory in Indonesia. This is why some of our items have a longer handling time. We try to send most of our ready stock to Amazon for availability on Amazon Prime. Our dresses are in high demand and move very quickly. Sometimes you may be able to catch deep discounts because we auction all our customer returns off on eBay

Please note that since these dresses are not mass produced, no two dresses are exactly alike, but the style is the same. We can make any color, any size, any style. If you want to customize something or if you have any questions, please send us a picture and a message on Whatsapp Thanks