Happy Flute Waterproof Long Sleeve Baby Bib

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Happy Flute Waterproof Long Sleeve Baby Bib

Features an adjustable tie��closure and catch-all pocket, which keeps things off the floor. This Bib can be worn over clothing to provide full coverage and can double as an art smock. The design has long sleeves to protecting children from staining clothes when they are eating, painting, or do anything else.��

Functional Design.��

Material:��Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) fabric

��- Reusable,

��- Super waterproof

��- Easy to wipe

��- Lightweight

��- Stain and odor resistant

��- Machine washable

��- Hang to dry.


��- Length: 35.5cm

��- Width: 32cm

��- Neck: 35cm

��- Outside sleeve: 33cm

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