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Dropshipping Policy

Dropshipping Policy

How Drop Shipping Works?

Why Join Our Dropshipping Program?

  • You don't have to buy or store inventory
  • All items available, but on hand Items are recommended for Dropshippers because of shorter processing times
  • Easily Add or Change Up your product offerings
  • 500+ weekly update 
  • Dropship Special Price Activity, Only for Dropshippers
  • Get professional customer service
  • Free Data Feed for Products and Images available upon request
  • Enjoy volume-based discounts
  • Overseas and US-based warehouse provided, no worry for shipping.

How to Join in Our Dropshipping Program?

Simply register an account on our website. Then contact us through support@thelittleconnection.comOnce it is approved, we will mark your account as a drop-shipper.

How to get started?

We will sell you discounted items from our website and either ship it to you or the address you specify.

*You will be responsible for purchasing the shipping/ bags and/or your own personalized packaging. If you do not provide any customized packaging, we will use The Little Connection polybags without any packing slip or pricing information.

Starting discount will be 20%. The discount will be increased depending on the amount of sales from the previous month. 


Number of monthly orders


1 - 50


51 - 200


201 or more


NOTE: Returns are not accepted for drop shipped items. We suggest testing some items for quality purposes prior to dropshipping them directly to your customers. We will not be responsible for items returned to our distribution center.